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Before booking please read carefully the information given on the Services and FAQ pages.

Feel free to look through My Gallery, which will be updated any time there is new media to share. And I will shortly be adding links to My fetish clips for sale. You can send enquiries via contact


Come back for regular updates, casting calls, travel plans, castoffs for sale and the occasional blog post about whatever I feel like expressing.


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Filming slaves wanted


I am taking applications for new filming slaves.

Applicants must be able to attend, usually midweek, in London or Brighton. Previous filming experience would be benificial but not essential, those unknown to me will be vetted.


I'll be filming with the magnificent Miss Raven very soon!


You must be okay with one or more of the following for up coming dates

Medical examinations. Dental examination, Pegging, Anal ruin, Bondage and more to be disclosed to applicants.


Future shoots will cover other areas so

you can still apply if you wish to be

added to my records. All aplications need

to include

  • Your details
  • Kinks
  • Limits
  • Experience
  • Reference if unknown to me


A tribute is required from all slaves

as is a release form and ID



Christmas comes early...!


Hello my lovelies, so good to see you back again :) I hope you have been well, I'm fully recoveted from surgery and have gotten back to being a busy bitch! And with a number of big parties coming up in the next 3 months I am offering you some joy too. Sessions will be discounted until mid january!! And I shall be making a return to KinkLime, as hosted by the fabulous Madam Asha. Where you can get half price sessions, multi domme bookings and if you just cant get enough, spend the whole day in the company of three or more world class Dommes!! For more information go to Goddess Asha's website or kinklime on twitter.

There are different ladies visiting each week so keep checking back for details. I'll next be there myself on December 8th, book either via Goddess Asha or myself. Stay safe this party season... or else...!! Hahahaha



Check Me Out!!


Go check out this great article featuring yours truly!! I was interviewed by Sex+ magazine on the subject of Financial Domination. It was a fun interview and interesting chat. You all know I am a "Fin Domme" but if you'd like to know a little more about what it means to me then go read the article here now!!!



Upcoming break in services


It is with some regret that I must inform all of a total burt temporary break in services.


During the month of June ALL services will stop for at least three weeks, possibly longer.

Our wonderful health services have discovered a little tumor whilst looking at something else entirely. Its benign and currently not causing lots of serious problems, however it has grown much quicker than they would expect and is now big enough to cause problems with tortion. So its coming out!

This will result in me being under strict bedrest for a while, with me able to gradually get back into things as soon as I feel well enough. Which hopefully wont be very long.

There have already been offers for care and company and all appears to be covered, though I may still require a few small tasks completed. If you havent already done so you may offer yourself. Dont worry if you cant get to me as tributes are being accepted to ensure all requirements are covered.

Do not call or send messages at the beginning of June that require a response.


However, you can prebook sessions for July and beyond!



Assault on a Goddess


Many of you are already aware, and have been so wonderful with your well wishes and respect for my need of a few days to myself, Thank you. Rather than trying to explain what happened in 140 characters, or creating a massive thread, I am putting some brief words about it here, for those that wish to know!

Four days ago I was visiting a friend who's currently in hospital. We had strolled out to a nearby park and sat drinking coffee, nibbling on lowquats and chatting. Generally having a nice relaxing time together, taking in the sunshine and "fresh" air.

It wasn't long before we were approached by someone with a plan. A plan to assault a stranger. No amount of conflict resolution was going to talk him down, and Goddess doesn't run in fear (Though running for pleasure is great!)


After deliberately damaging my guitar, one of many attempts to provoke me into a silly fight, hitting me and throwing loads of insults (that my friend and I both found amusing instead of hurtful) The assailant tried to steal my friends tobacco, at this point I lost my patience. Try whatever you want against me, I will disappoint and won't bite. but go for my friend, especially when you've been told they're unwell, and my feircely protective aspect comes out to play.


Of course, being an experienced and calm woman I'm still not going to lash out because some worthless parasite wants me to in order to justify their existence. I could easily have beaten the living shit out of them, again, not going to when it's not my choice.


I was staying aware of what this waste of oxygen was up to including looking out for weapons, sadly something that is a must even in full daylight. Unfortunately it didn't occur to me that they might have some sort of noxious or dangerous liquid. Which they did.


Both myself and my friend were temporarily blinded by something that definitely contained chilli seeds, chilli powder and tobasco. We're not entireyly sure what was in it, I didn't take time out to ask for details! But it did require a few hours in A&E getting our eyes poked and washed and poked again. It was fortuitous that we were so close to an A&E department. And I am glad there wasn't a strong acid in that fluid, otherwise this could have a very different ending.


Gladly we are both okay and recovering well. My eyes no longer hurt though I am still a little bruised. My challenge now is to resist the temptation to defy my ethics and perform a non consensual kidnapping... For educational purposes only of course!!