Services and FAQ

I particularly enjoy CP in all its various forms, and there is nothing quite like having my bitch scream himself hoarse for me.

And I love to play with the senses, both deprivation and stimulation.

I will take control of you, I'll be watching you even when you think I'm not. Orders are expected to be obeyed, I do not like to repeat Myself, not doing as told will lead to My displeasure and your unhappiness. If you have any questions go first to the bottom of the page for Frequently Asked Questions!


  • I love to mark a pretty girl or boy
  • Listen to you scream and have you scurrying around for me
  • Watching you beg for mercy after endless torment
  • See you blush as I dress you, MY way
  • I love to tie, tease and torture with a variety of implements
  • Gently caressing and harshly caning simultaneously
  • I am delighted to listen to someone choke on My strap-on
  • Or to moan in exctacy as I push My cock deeper into your arse
  • You might be blindfolded, tied up and teased for My delight
  • You could end up caged, confined and ignored
  • I enjoy objectifying, using your body as funiture
  • Controlling your every breath, smothering, strangling, suffocating
  • Taking your hard earned cash into My hands makes me rush with pleasure
  • I will play with your mind, your senses and your body
  • Obedience is a must, although some cute cheekiness may be tolerated be warned that pushing things will result in cruel punishment...!
  • If you´re extremely well behaved you may be petted & stroked or even allowed to lay at my feet!

















Session prices:

Regular session; per hour £180

Heavy rubber, Needles, Medical etc begin at an hourly rate of £210

Deposit is essential and non-refundable, paid by Gift Card or Cash. Other options are available extra fees may apply, I do not accept cheques, bank transfer or money orders.




Keyholding £20 per month

Tasks £8-£50 per month

Contract creation £60 one off fee

To sign contract in my presence you need to book an appointment.





Webcam sessions can be prebooked, also keep an eye on social media for log-in alerts.

Skype sessions, currently on offer at £1per minute, minimum of 10 mins.




Want to get My attention or impress Me?

Use the delivery code link.

Gift certificates and tributes can be sent by email to



Personal items:

When new items for sale become available they will be listed here.

To purchase something send a message including the item details to


You can also request specific items including worn knickers, socks, tights etc, used sanitary products, spit, used tissues etc.


Postage is £10.70 for mainland UK. Anyone outside of this area your postage will be calculated according to destination, some areas are not available, All items are sent at your risk I do not give refunds for missing deliveries.

All items will be securely and discretly packaged and where possible are sent via an insured system.



For your full Goddess Qadesh experience you can book here or by phone. It will help speed things up if you know what kink(s) you would like to explore, what boundaries you want caressed.


To book a real time session with Me, email

with What type of session you'd like & How long plus name, age and contact information. Give your preferred date and a second date if the first is full.


For filming and photography opportunities keep an eye on the blog, you may send in an application to be a filming slave at any time which will be kept for future reference.

There are a variety of locations that I will run sessions from, these can be booked depending on which is most convienient, you can check out these venues by clicking on the links below. Some types of session requests will require a specific venue.

Islington Angel, Hoxton and Finsbury park


You can request that I come to you, bear in mind that you will need to cover ALL expenses.


Bookings require a minimum of 48hrs unless short notice slots are advertised. A deposit must be paid for ALL bookings, this not only covers any losses incurred by me but also deters time-wasters.


No matter who you talk to, the response and treatment you receive will be very dependent upon how You approach a Domme, remember that!

First impressions can last a very, very long time. And a bad impression can get you instantly blocked and denied services



Why do some types of session cost more?

Because there are much greater expenses incured. If you choose to book a session that includes the use of a lot of expensive sterile needles you need to pay for those needles. If you choose a heavy rubber session you need to pay for the preperation, cleaning and proper care of the rubber. Basically anything that will use up resourses, require specialist supplies or add on a significant amount of time outside of your session to properly handle or condition equipment used.


"Do you take personal slaves?"

From time to time I will take on a new service slave. You must have had at least one session with Me to qualify, to apply look out for announcements on My blog.

I do allow people to serve Me at home, performing any duties required including domestic service, chores, maid service etc.

However, do not approach me asking for such a priviledged position. It IS a privilege to be allowed to enter My home and be trusted to serve Me personally.


"Can I be your slave?"

I do Not "collar" anybody who is unworthy.

So DO NOT offend Me by asking to be owned, collared or to be My servant. You cannot buy your way in. Book your sessions and prove yourself


"What taboo stuff do you do?"

Well, its probably easier to say what I DONT do!


*Nothing involving children (16 or under) Unless the client is themselves wanting to be the child.

*No extreme violence or murder scenarios, including mutilation, necrophilia, violence against women or children.

*I dislike racial hatred, the odd remark is negotiable, outright white supremacy is Not.

*I am not lover of scat, it has its place for example in Adult Baby or little scenes and can therefore be negotiated. But dont expect anything other than disgust and contempt!


Everything else is negotiable...!!


"Do you do discounts?"

Absolutely not. And shame on you for asking


"Do you have sex with clients?"


You do not get access to My body, that's not what you're paying for. If you want sex, including kissing, cunnilingis, piv etc, then approach an escort.


"Will you come stay at mine?"

Highly unlikely, especially if I have never met you before, this includes sharing a hotel room. You either book a large suite or completely separate rooms.


Yes I do out calls and yes I travel. However you will have to factor in my expenses such as transport and accommodation.


"Will you play with yourself?"


And no amount of please, oh but..... or fuck you's will encourage me to do so.