Goddess Qadesh
Dominatrix Qadesh UK





One of the most frequent comments I get, other than gushing praise of course, is that I am not you're typical Domme. And its true, to an extent. All Dommes are their own woman, doing things in their own way. I certainly do not fit the cookie cutter image that many people have in their minds. It's generally the male submissives that have expectations as to what a "real Domme" should be. But anyone willing to come to Me with an open mind will find they have an experience galaxies beyond their wildest expectations!

I am not going to claim that I came out the womb clutching a whip and paddle, though my whole life to this point has honed my skills and tastes. I have always delighted in manipulating people to My will, often without them realising it until they are well and truly stuck in my web. By that time my subjects are too enamored to ever think about trying to escape, happy and willing to do My bidding, making Me proud.


Even with my gathered experience I am still learning, and always will be. Once one stops learning one may as well stop living! Thus I am proud to call myself an eternal student. My dominion does not come from the clothes I choose to wear, the make up I choose to put on nor the venues I attend. It comes from within, I Like to laugh, to have a bit of fun with my toys


I am very active in the community, A regular on the modelling scene, which I don't really consider work.

An award winning vehicle mechanic, plus an award winning and enthusiastic gardener, plants are my non fauna babies. I also give my time to various charities, including Outsiders, Mind and the Sex Maniacs Ball.



Because of the time I give of myself to my many passions the time remaining to indulge in another deep passion, Femdom, is scarce. Thus meaning that realtime domination sessions are limited and therefore in high demand.